Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Five: Five Travel Tips

Welcome to the Friday Five!  

It's Danielle Kempe taking over the blog today. I'm your MA state rep and a blogger at Getting Fit in MA.

My five tips today all have to do with travel. Summer may be over but we all know that fall is a great time to travel, especially throughout the Northeast!

1)    Don’t pay for guide books – borrow them from the library before you leave.
I just returned from a trip to Brussels, Belgium, and Paris, France. I got great walking tour guides (with maps) for both cities from the library. I also checked out a great beach read of a mystery novel set in Nice, France.

2)    Check Yelp before you go – to get recommendations on tourist attractions & dinning
Bonus: If you’re a part of Yelp’s Elite program, you can attend Elite events in any city. Check the Yelp Elite calendar of the cities you’re visiting & RSVP if there’s an event you’d like to join. I’m a Boston Yelp Elite but I attended a wicked fun Elite event in Dallas, TX when I visited this year.

3)    Don’t over-schedule yourself
It’s OK if you’d like to just sit and read a book on your vacation. You don’t need to be sight-seeing 24/7! This is your time to relax too!

4)    Bring a power strip
If you’re traveling overseas, don’t forget the power adaptors too. (Note: Ask the front desk about it first though if traveling overseas. I found out the hard way that power adaptors and power strips may overload a circuit though when I blew a fuse at a hotel when I plugged the power strip into the adaptor. Oops!) The power adaptor is great for US trips though, since you’re less likely to leave a charger behind if everything is plugged into the power strip.

5)    Check local blogs before you travel to see if they have suggestions.
Locals know their cities best after all! If you’re traveling to Boston, I recommend the Boston on Budget blog. (I read it regularly too since I’m a local to MA.)

I hope you all have a lot of fun on your trips this season!
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday 5: Traveling Fit...5 Ways to Stay on Track

Hi everyone! I'm Kelly. I am one of the Massachusetts reps, and I write A Lovely Life, Indeed

Committing to a healthy lifestyle takes planning. You plan what you're going to eat, prep your meals and easy to grab snacks, and you try to arrange your schedule to include some sort of physical activity. 

Staying on plan when you travel can be more of a challenge. When schedules loosen and food options expand, staying on track takes more thought and initiative, but it can be done. 

Here are five ways to stay committed to your fitness goals, even when you're traveling. 

1. Plan. Putting water and your favorite go-to snacks in a cooler will give you the flexibility to make healthy choices. Pack a bag with other snacks and avoid the gas station wasteland. 

2. Pit stop stretch. Stop along the way and stretch. Energize your body and brain during these needed rest stops. Need a circuit? Try this one. 

3 When you arrive at your destination, think about a walking tour or a bike tour of the city. How about a photo stroll? Walk whenever possible and explore excursions that keep you active, at least part of the time. 

4. Shop and cook when you can. This is better for your wallet and your waistline. When you do go out, grilled protein and a veggie is a great choice. Order your salad dressing on the side and dip your fork before you take a bite, instead of pouring it all on top. You can decline the bread basket if you want, and if you're ordering dessert, one dessert split among many can give you the bite of sweet that you want without overdoing it.

5. Enjoy a treat now and then. Don't deprive yourself of your favorite things. Eat a cupcake, and then work off a cupcake. 

Travel and healthy living can go hand in hand. Plan and prep where you can and when you can't, use what you know to make good, healthy choices. And enjoy the treats. 

Happy travels!  

What is your best tip for staying on track with a healthy lifestyle when you're traveling? 

Thank you to Northeast Bloggers Network for letting me guest post. If you're looking for an upbeat blog about love, travel and the good life, visit me at A Lovely Life, IndeedHave a great weekend!

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Cocktail - Mojito Slush

Even though the official start of summer isn't until another couple of days, it has been hot enough here to bring out the iced cocktails. I've always loved a good mojito so when I came across this recipe I knew I had to try it out. It was such a hit! I think it's the perfect summer cocktail.

Mojito Slush
Original recipe by Jessie Damuck via Martha Stewart Living

Makes 8 cups

In a blender, combine 1/2 cup each sugar and water. Blend until sugar dissolves, 1 minute. Fill with 10 cups crushed ice. Add 1/3 cup lemon juice (from about 3 lemons) and 1/3 cup lime juice (from about 5 limes), 1 cup white rum and 1 cup fresh mint leaves. 
Blend until smooth.

The only little change that I make is I use a white organic raw sugar. Obviously it's not anything "healthier" but I just prefer it to regular granulated sugar. Hey it's a cocktail after all!

The fresh mint smells amazing and gives this cocktail a gorgeous green color. It's just the right combination of sweet with a touch of sour from the lemon and lime juice. So good!

Do you have a favorite summer cocktail recipe?

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